cats, animals, chocolate, tattoos, drawing, coffee obsessed Colombian gal, I know I'm pale! socially awkward, reclusive tendencies. Living in Texas. from California <3 I love my pets <3 my wolf is my baby. my bed is the love of my life.
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To the anon who asked for advice..
You can kik me too if you want to talk about whatever you’re maybe having issues with. :)

Haha I said the same thing when I saw it :)

Haha I said the same thing when I saw it :)



I think these are the ones I haven’t uploaded I can’t remember. There’s a gecko crawling up my leg though. :3

The gecko is clearly trying to get closer to admire your fabulosity. You’re adorable. You have great hair and beautiful eyes, and your eyeliner & eyebrow game is SO STRONG. That sweater looks really comfy and we hope it’s giving you ALL of the warm hugs. (Warm hugs are very important.)

Awe, thank you so much! :) That’s so sweet of you. I dunno, Maybe it was cold or something cx

believeorleave asked
Night or Day?

I prefer day. I bump into things more often at night. haha

Anonymous asked
Hey could I ask you about guy advise?

Yeah, of course! But I must warn you, I’m a bit forever alone so I’ll do my best :)

Anonymous asked
Are you going to make the list of favorite blogs soon?

Once I figure out how, definitely :)


i like my eyeliner to be as dark as my soul

They don’t make eyeliner that black

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